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Crystal Pyramid Solitaire.

olitaire Game Description:
Try to clear the pyramids from the game by pairing cards in this free version of this popular free online pyramid solitaire game.

Prepare to take on the might of the Ancient Egyptians in Crystal Pyramids! Clear the pyramid before the deck runs out in this unique & intriguing solitaire game. Do you have the Pharaohs luck, or not?

Clear the pyramid by removing pairs of cards that total 13. Deal extra cards from the deck to help you make matches. Use your joker to shuffle if you get stuck - but use it carefully as you only get one every 3 rounds! You can match a card with one beneath it (Casual & Regular modes) as long as nothing else covers it, and in Casual mode you can even re-cycle the deck! You'll get more points for runs of pairs without clicking the deck, and lots of points for any left over cards at the end of the round!


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